Saturday, February 23, 2008

An ugly nine days ahead:

In light of ...
  • [FRIDAY] Two top Clinton campaign officials touting the "Obama is chummy with terrorists" meme
  • [FRIDAY] Clinton saying she will push for Florida and Michigan delegates to be seated
  • [SATURDAY] Clinton's strong language condemning an Obama mailer
... any notion of "accepting defeat" (which some thought was displayed during Thursday's debate) should be vanquished.

It looks as if the Clinton campaign has fully embraced Mark Penn's "go negative and go hard" advice.

This is it, folks. The Clinton campaign will will do what it takes to win. Since the Texas and Ohio primaries are so important and pretty much the last chance for Clinton, the campaign will throw everthing they have into the race, and throw everything they have at Obama. If they have dirt, or something that looks like dirt, they will deploy it.

This will be a test for Obama and how he handles it will matter. He's probably better off being dismissive and acting as if the Clinton campaign doesn't exist. But will he?


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