Friday, January 30, 2009

The content crisis is here:

Just three weeks ago, this blog predicted a content crisis:
I see big problems for all content developers and providers within the next five years. The outcome could be dismal: limited original reporting, less news, less quality content of all types.
It's here in spades with cartoons for alt-weeklies. Tom Tomorrow has a round-up of the depressing news.
1   (TT)
2   (Jen Sorensen & Derf)
3   (TT)
4   (Lloyd Dangle) "Troubletown still appears in seventeen papers and here on the web." [!]
5   (Max Cannon)
It's rough out there.


Successful and profitable news outlets haven't guaranteed better and more thorough news coverage. (Fox News)

Money-losing media like the Washington Times hasn't folded, either.

If the mainstream media just fell off a cliff, I personally wouldn't lose a night's sleep over that alone. What is scary is what might replace it.

In the meantime, high-quality, low-circulation publications like The Atlantic, Harpers and The New Yorker I presume will survive, as will NPR, the BBC.

Hopefully out-of-work journalists who don't have it in their nature to pursue other careers will put up blogs like Laura Rozen's warandpiece or contribute to Democracy Now.

I may have misunderstood your main point, but I will not shed a tear for the demise of commercial mainstream media, if it happens.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/01/2009 8:24 PM  

Perhaps with the onset of the Obama administration, that we are all directed to nurture and love, the liberal market for bitter, red-meat political commentary is now gone, especially in cartoon form.

"budget cuts" are often a euphemism.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/02/2009 6:11 PM  

If it puts those shrill hacks out of business, the recession will all be worth it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/03/2009 6:37 AM  

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