Thursday, January 08, 2009

I predict a content crisis:

Newspapers are taking it on the chin (paper editions). Internet advertising revenue cannot compensate. DRM is out for digital audio, so copying will increase (and purchases will decline). It's going to be extremely difficult for content providers (news, music, entertainment) to get paid for what they do. There are some technical approaches that can help somewhat, like when you have to look at an ad page on the Internet before reading a story or entering a domain, but it's not clear that's enough.

With the Internet and digital technology practically making all content free, how long can that situation last?

I see big problems for all content developers and providers within the next five years. The outcome could be dismal: limited original reporting, less news, less quality content of all types. (There will always be scruffy bloggers and places like FaceBook, but that's virtually all amateur and low-quality.)


Here is a suggested solution from economist Dean Baker.

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