Monday, January 07, 2013

Bob Sehieffer doesn't understand what's going on in Washington D.C.:

Which is why he hosts Face the Nation.

On Sunday, January 6, there was this exchange: (emp add)
SCHIEFFER: Well, let me tell you, here are the big dates that are coming. End of February, congress has to raise the debt ceiling to keep the country from going into default, as you say. On March 1, those draconian cuts in social programs and defense program goes into effect, unless you do something to put it off. 
PELOSI: Unless we do something, yeah. 
SCHIEFFER: And then on March 27, the government basically runs out of money. Why can't the congress solve these problems before we get up to those deadlines? Why do we go through this kind of exercise that embarrasses everyone? 
PELOSI: Well, you ask the Republicans because we always passed the debt ceiling when President Bush was president... 
SCHIEFFER: What has happened to Washington? 
PELOSI: I don't know. 
SCHIEFFER: It simply did not used to be this way. 
PELOSI: Absolutely not, no. 
SCHIEFFER: What do you think is wrong here? What happened? And what needs to happen?
Somewhat later there was Bob's opinion segment where he lamented the friendly relations between Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill, among others.

It's as if Schieffer is unaware of Mann and Ornstein's book ("It's Even Worse Than It Looks") detailing the radical rejectionism of Republicans in the last half-decade (at least). 

Howard Kurtz is aware of the book, but he played the innocent in an interview this same weekend. It was one of the very few times the duo have been invited to news programs since their book came out half a year ago.


Schieffer's a Republican and a close friend of the Bushes. He understands Washington all too well. He knows the Republicans are the problem, but he's a paid propagandist, and blaming the Democrats for gridlock is his job. He was trying to embarrass Pelosi, but she wasn't having it.

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