Friday, October 05, 2012

First debate summary:

Obama is not a detail man,  Never was.

Sure, Obama looked like he was in command of the facts compared to George W. Bush and John McCain, but so would most anybody.

Obama is a high-concept, broad-brush kind of guy.  Witness the hands-off approach to policy development during 2009 for health care legislation.  For a while he pretty much let Max Baucus run with the ball (partly on delusional bipartisan goals).

He's never been good in debates and should have prepared for an aggressive Romney, who was quite visible during the Republican debates.


So how do you think the next two will go down?

By Blogger benzado, at 10/05/2012 1:02 PM  

I think he did fine. Romney emptied his clip and said a lot of stupid stuff that that will be used against him in commercials. Romney doesn't have much left to add and will have to play defense about his lies in this debate. The talk at the water cooler the next day was about Romney trying to get rid of Elmo. On the other hand, POTUS has all of his good ammo left. We're talking about two dimensional chess while POTUS is playing three dimensional chess.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/05/2012 3:37 PM  

The next format is town hall, where Romney's going to have to suppress his arrogant tendencies lest he come off as, well, the colossal dick that he is. Trying to have the last word in a format like this won't work.

By Anonymous Death Panel Truck, at 10/07/2012 1:00 AM  

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