Monday, April 30, 2012

Obama's message fail:

In the body of this story, Romney campaign aide claims auto bailout was Romney's idea, we read:
Lis Smith, an Obama campaign spokeswoman, accused Fehrnstrom of distorting Romney's record.

“GM and Chrysler are in existence, creating jobs, and posting some of their most profitable quarters in history today because President Obama bet on American workers," Smith said in a statement to The Hill. "If Mitt Romney had had his way, the American auto industry and the millions of jobs it supports would cease to exist. Dishonesty and distortions are nothing new for the Romney campaign, but they can’t change this simple fact.”
Those words are basically of no value, merely assertions or slogans ("bet on American workers"). Smith does not say why the auto industry would cease to exist under Romney's business plan. She fails to point out the difference between what Romney would have done and what Obama did. The difference is that when Detroit was in big trouble, there was no source of private lending to help the companies and therefore, federal money had to be part of the mix - which is something Romney ruled out.


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