Sunday, April 22, 2012

Joe Lieberman never misses an opportunity to stab you in the back:

Joe, speaking on Fox News Sunday, had this to say about the Secret Service prostitution scandal:
"The White House ought to be conducting its own internal investigation of White house personnel who were in Cartagena".
And this from the Washington Post:
[Joe Lieberman] joined a Republican colleague Sunday in calling for an expanded probe of the Secret Service prostitution scandal, saying the investigation should also include a look at White House personnel assigned to prepare for President Obama’s trip to Colombia.

There is no evidence that White House employees knew about the misbehavior. But Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) urged the Obama administration to conduct an investigation “just to make sure that none of them were involved,” echoing demands from Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa).
Why is this a White House problem? It's a Secret Service issue.

The Secret Service is part of the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Who is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs?

Joe Lieberman. The guy who Obama endorsed in 2006 when he was campaigning as an independent.

And remember, he got to keep his chairmanship in 2009 after endorsing John McCain in 2008. How did that happen?
Democrat-turned-independent Sen. Joe Lieberman managed to keep his Senate committee chairmanship in part because President-elect Barack Obama didn't want to punish him for supporting Sen. John McCain, Lieberman said Tuesday.

"I know that my colleagues in the Senate Democratic caucus were moved not only that Sen. [Harry] Reid said about my longtime record, but by the appeal from President-elect Obama himself that the nation unite now to confront our very serious problems," Lieberman said in the Capitol ...
And now he's ragging on the White House for something that's in his jurisdiction.

JUST TO BE CLEAR: Past political favors is no excuse for looking the other way if misdeeds are suspected. But here there is no suspicion of White House involvement, which makes Lieberman's call look like an alignment with the Republicans for political ends, and that's a betrayal within that context.

UPDATE: The comments section of the Washington Post story has these remarks from those unimpressed with Sen. Joe:
  • Lieberman's nothing, if not a vicious little troll.

  • How about an investigation into whether Joseph Lieberman is an unregistered agent for the nation of Israel? How about whether his wife's business ties to the health care industry constituted bribes to Lieberman when he carried the water of the health insurance industry in the Senate.

  • A fishing expedition for two of the biggest worms in congress; Grassley and Lieberman. Maybe they can repeat the tag match damage they did to healthcare.

  • "There is no evidence that White House employees knew about the misbehavior."
    Oh why let a little thing like lack of evidence get in the way?

  • Why am i not surprise that this snicky Lieberman is trying to politicizes the issue and with the republicans ...what a piece of "work".

  • Lieberman, why don't you do something smart for once and go dig a hole, put your head it and cover it up. I don't think anyone would ever miss you, and your ideas.!!!

  • How about a wider investigation into Joe Lieberman? Just sayin'...

  • While there is no evidence that any of Mr. Lieberman's staff are pedophiles I am calling for an investigation “just to make sure that none of them were involved,” Saying this man is too stupid to know whether he is a Republican or a Democrat is an insult to truly stupid people around the world.

  • One of the biggest mistakes Obama made in his first 100 days was to allow that snake Lieberman back into a position of power. I hope Lieberman ends up on the dust heap of history.

  • “The White House advance person knows exactly where the president is going to be at any time,” Lieberman said on “Fox News Sunday.”
    Does this also mean the White House advance person is supposed to know where the SS agents are all going to be at any one time too?

    This article is very confusing and I am not sure why Lieberman and Grassley are trying to find a connection between the WH staff and the SS employees.

  • If ever there was a Benedict Arnold in American politics, it is Lieberman.

    I doubt that anybody on either side of the aisle really trusts the guy.

  • What a sanctimonious troll Traitor Joe is!
UPDATE 2: From The Hill:
The buck stops with President Obama when it comes to the dual scandals dogging the Secret Service and the General Services Administration (GSA) this month, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said Sunday.

Lieberman, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, which has jurisdiction over both agencies, said the president should be held "accountable" in the aftermath of the incidents, even as it's "unfair" to hold him directly "responsible."

"The responsibility for the abuse of authority at the Secret Service and the GSA really is the employees who did it and their supervisors," Lieberman told "Fox News Sunday."

"But," he added, "the buck stops at the president's desk. He is the leader of our government. He now has to be acting with kind of relentless determination to find out exactly what happened and to make sure that people who work for him at the Secret Service and GSA and everywhere else in the government don't let anything like this happen again." ...

Lieberman, who ruffled Democratic feathers in 2008 when he backed Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) over Obama, said he won't be endorsing any presidential contenders this year.

"I'm going to try to stay out of this one," he said. "I'm enjoying not being involved in the nastiness of campaigning in America these days."
Oh, but you are.

UPDATE 3: See also for more.


The good news is that in nine months, Lieberman is gone from the Senate.

By Blogger Mitchell J. Freedman, at 4/22/2012 8:19 PM  

The bad news is that Lieberman will remain in the Senate for another nine months.

By Blogger Shag from Brookline, at 4/23/2012 2:03 AM  

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