Sunday, March 04, 2012

Rush Limbaugh has a problem with women:

From his show one year ago, about the protests in Wisconsin:
It's just a bunch of rabble-rousers and so forth, plus union thugs join together in creating a pigsty -- and we know that they create pigsties, especially compared to Tea Party rallies. You look at any public grounds where these people have been: The trash is littered everywhere, trash cans are overturned, beer cans, bong pipes. Hell, it's all over there. The Tea Party people, you don't find anything. Not even a discarded tissue. Hell, these leftist protesters, leave Kotex! Used Kotex, everything is littering the sidewalks and the streets. It doesn't matter. It's the height of pigsty-ism.
All women are unclean*, filthy, disgusting, etc.

*Those first 4 words were once used by Jay Leno in a very short segment about a serial killer who keeps writing that line in a notebook kept by the side of the bed.


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