Friday, February 10, 2012

A look into the mind of some Ron Paul followers:

Dave Weigel has a post about Paul getting more delegates than expected from the recent caucuses. Part of this has to do with the greater enthusiasm of Paul supporters. Of interest is the comment section of Weigel's post which has several choice entries, including one single 750-word paragraph (!) that is a sterling example of where they are coming from.

Oh, what the hell. Here it is, from someone who's handle is Representative Government:
I strongly urge people on here who believe that people who are voting for Ron Paul at the primaries understands that we are not just doing it because hes a messiah whom we follow. That is a collectivists trait who disregards historical and philosophical logic to maintain themselves under the auspice of a branded logo who has too dislodge themselves from their own instincts to fit in. When you can make differences everyday where most fail to see it it becomes easy not to put all your heart into some savior as you will become your own voice. No man will let me down as no man has the power to do so. Ron Paul just happens to represent the rule of law, Separation of powers, checks and balances, the constitution interpreted by the founders, and we just happen to find solidarity with him in those regards. Why would so many people care about something when its deemed a lost cause everyday by the mainstream media? How is it these numbers grow without the capstone aggregate in their corner? This is due diligence and substantive none biased research. We see that learning history and taking it too heart along with internal discernment as being paramount for yours and our own protection. We apply surface area to what the school history books generalized with topical names and dates that was passed on to the media by consent. Historical consequences that so many disregard while they ask where the wealth has gone. It lays in the hands of the interests who have already subverted you long ago through the media, education, consumer industry and many other modes of influence they have consolidated for their own use. History unequivocally tells us this. So its up to you to decide if MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CNN who are owned by the same Industrialist families who got together in 1915 to buy out the top 25 news aggregates in the name of preparedness in ww1 to sway public discourse whether you believe them. But they fill you with self fulling talking points we disregard because we have no master but our creator we have allegiance too and nothing else. We will fight to the end for your freedoms so that ours remains unscathed. We don't care about national polls or sentiment because it means not. Choosing the lesser of two evils in any decisions we make is a loss for ourselves and for the ones around us no matter how we dress a lie. When we are built on a foundation of lies truth becomes suspect as we can no longer identify with it. So illusory promises and compromise on two bad ideas becomes a necessity for most while remains never an option for a few. When it comes to the caucus people who are politically inclined should be able to have a voice especially if they were voted to do so. Resolutions, and platforms can be pushed apart from just presidential delegates. Why should we get rid of something that puts state politicians and national candidates feet to the fire that gives motivated people a voice? Destroy the process and destroy your own voice and we will get unabated mediocrity more then we are already inflicted with. More status quo is the answer for the ones on the team who joined for the trendiness and aggregated positive perception by the industrialist run media for their industrialist run politicians. In this regard change for the better is an impossibility when the ones who have the systematic controls of wealth also own the candidates. So they will just tax you on both sides and leave you with the derivatives scheme that you don't owe because the banks write the legislation who fund all but a few candidates who remain antithetical to their disposition in the ruling class. So we pay for their wars, Bailouts, subsidies, and exemptions on an industrialist level with no return because we are seduced on both sides to compromise between one banker bill and another while the mainstream media tells you how smart you are for picking a team like a football game. Its baseless and everyone one loses. Would be wise to see past the marginalization, character assassination, and generalization the mainstream media aggregate feeds to you through the top down industrialist owned media. Oil companies, Currency controllers, and war profiteers stand to lose a whole lot of power with a politically inclined people none responsive to their political media gadgets.


hmmmm............. sounds like utter
bovine excrement

By Anonymous SenoritaBonita, at 2/10/2012 5:19 PM  

As a substantive analysis of policy it is certainly hogwash. But notice how close the author is in spirit to OWS. He knows he's being sold a bill of goods, and he's remarkably clear on how and why and by whom. The only thing he's missing is that his real goals are more in line with the DFH's than with a "libertarian" snake oil vendor.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/11/2012 4:22 AM  

Sounds like Rep Gov is one of those Paulists (talk about people following a "savior") who just wants the freedom to legally indulge in the ganja. You'd have to be stoned to follow the logic of his 750-word case of verbal diarrhea.

By Anonymous Death Panel Truck, at 2/12/2012 8:51 AM  

Ron Paul just happens to represent the rule of law, Separation of powers, checks and balances, the constitution interpreted by the founders, and we just happen to find solidarity with him in those regards.

Although I'm not a Ron Paul supporter, that's a compelling argument these days.

By Anonymous jms, at 2/12/2012 9:08 AM  

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