Thursday, September 01, 2011

Consensus developing on Obama's jobs speech:

Dave Weigel tweets:
EXCLUSIVE: Obama's speech isn't going to change anything anyway
Ezra Klein in a less snarky mode:
Obama’s speech will achieve nothing. It will go nowhere because it has nowhere to go. A speech can rally the base, and maybe even temporarily change the topic in the news. But it can’t change the fundamental fact of politics right now, which is that the two parties disagree on the most profound question in Washington. It’s not: How do we fix the economy? It is: Who should win the next election?

So long as Republicans and Democrats disagree on that, there will be no significant cooperation on substantive issues. Boehner simply will not cut off his party’s candidates at the knees, especially its presidential contenders, by handing Obama a major economic accomplishment. Because he controls the House of Representatives, that means Obama -- and, by extension, the U.S. -- is not going to get a major economic accomplishment.
SITE NOTE: Been down with the flu for a week. Who gets the flu in August? Bummer.


Sure it will. The stock market will fall by 2% the morning after the speech because he will say some asinine thing that scares the shit out of people.

Anyone want to lay a bet that that won't happen? It's as if everything he touches turns to crap now.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/03/2011 1:45 PM  

I just finished up a nice dose of SOMETHING ... maybe it was The Flu. You are not alone! (And people would say to me: "WHO gets sick in the summer?!?") Get Well Soon!

By Blogger mileslarboy, at 9/04/2011 5:05 AM  

If you could demonstrate the bravery of even a ridiculous screen name,anoy, you might demonstrate that you're worth replying to.

By Blogger Dark Avenger, at 9/04/2011 10:18 AM  

He had a screen name: "jms." He doesn't use it now, 'cause he doesn't want people to know he's the same idiot who gets his ass handed to him here every time he posts cut-and-pasted right-wing talking points.

By Anonymous Death Panel Truck, at 9/04/2011 1:36 PM  

2.7%. He exceeded my expectations.

People keep asking me to post under a screen name, but when I do my messages get deleted. Ok, whatever. But sometimes i'll post something, someone will reply to my post, and I'll post a refutation of their reply. Then my refutation gets erased and it looks like I had no response. That's bullshit. That's changing my words. I know you'd all like me to pack up and leave, but I choose to stay. Posting as anonymous works better for me. People actually reply thoughtfully instead of reflexively bashing my posts, and my comments don't get deleted.

And if you think you're handing my ass to me then you're delusional.


By Anonymous jms, at 9/09/2011 2:36 PM  

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