Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Windows 7 update:

What a pile of shit. Even worse that Vista.

Right now the Task Manager is reporting that in the last 24 hours my laptop has received 18 quintillion bytes. Or 18 billion gigabytes. And it's sent almost the same amount (but is short 400 million bytes).

This is not the first time it's reported figures like this, and no, there was nothing bizarre going on - like a hard power fail. Just some browsing (with a defective Firefox 5, but that's another story) and one or two instances of Word and Excel.

Kudos for the excellent Q/A work at Microsoft.

I guess all you are supposed to do these days is fire up the browser, go to Facebook, and stay there the entire time. Simple! Nothing complicated. No strain on the OS with multiple socket connections and all that other stuff that had been resolved about 10 years ago. But really, who cares about that nowadays, right? Just build your software with wonderful object-oriented tools that allow the programmer to not know or care about the underlying elements, but add "extra value" with baroque custom fetch-receive components that deliver images or content, because it's too much hassle to actually have the servers present most or all of the information in the first transmission.


I find it particularly amusing that they still can't get rid of Netbios and DDE.

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