Wednesday, June 01, 2011

So much nonsense out there:

Why follow politics, if all you read are things like this:
Sen. Mitch McConnell: It is true that divided government is the only government that can do transformational, difficult things…
Unified government, such as those in the 1930's under FDR and the 1960's under LBJ, did enormous transformational things. You could argue that the Republicans in the last decade under GWB also did transformational things (tax cuts, Medicare part D).

Yet McConnell says divided government is the only type that can do big things. That's false, but it's the talking point of the day - not only by politicians, but pundits - so you encounter it all of the time. It's absurd.


Oh for Gods sake. Time cut the sentence in half. It's blatently obvious that there's a second half of the sentence that makes the first half make sense, and probably says something that Time doesn't like, but it was snipped out because ...

Well, because the author, Jay Newton-Small, and his Time publishers are dishonest hacks. It isn't as if it was an unimportant bit of text that was removed -- it was half of the first sentence, and the quote intended to be the talking point of the day.

Do you really think that McConnell holds that opinion? That only a divided government, not a united one, can do transformational, difficult things?

So much nonsense out there. But the nonsense didn't come from McConnell.

This is the crudest example of taking words out of context that I've seen in some time. What an utter lack of integrity on the part of Newton-Small and Time.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/01/2011 10:42 PM  

LOL, jms is clowing around again.

Here's the full quote:

"McConnell: It is true that divided government is the only government that can do transformational, difficult things… One thing I do tell my members is: whatever we do with this President is not going to be an issue in the next election."

no elipsis, that was just McConnell trailing off into the next statement.

And yes, McConnell is right about this and our host is wrong. And jms is partially right about the loss of the next thought.

McConnell said *difficult* things, New Deal and Great Society weren't "difficult" they were giveaways.

What McConnell is saying is difficult is unpopular things like raising taxes and cutting welfare.

By Anonymous Troy, at 6/04/2011 9:23 PM  

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