Wednesday, April 27, 2011

About that birth certificate released today:

People are too credulous. It could be a forgery. All we've been hearing are various attestations from officials, but they could be lying. There is no proof that it really is Obama's birth certificate. Solid proof would be something in the form of a gigantic reel of film that starts with Obama popping out of his mom, after which the doctors and administrators sign the document, and then the camera stays focused on the piece of paper for 50 years to insure that it hasn't been tampered with.

Absent such proof, we cannot be sure the birth certificate is genuine.

This argument also applies to evolution. We have no footage of animals reproducing over the span of a million years until a different species is observed.


But of course video could be falsified as well. There is no proof for anything.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/27/2011 11:10 AM  

"Foolproof" = what fools like T-Rump consider proof. (The world is not round. Climate change is not real. T-Rump would easily win Celebrity Dancing but runs the risk of an uncombing before a national audience.)

By Blogger Shag from Brookline, at 4/27/2011 2:23 PM  

The Donald, at his next press conference, will, I predict, be backed up by his "T-Rump-ettes" to bolster his "Celebrity" ratings.

By the way, shouldn't the press look into T-Rump's hairdresser bills? Are they tax deductible? And can we expect Omaha Steaks to pick up his brand?

By Blogger Shag from Brookline, at 4/28/2011 3:25 AM  

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