Monday, March 14, 2011

Pathetic media:

via Sullivan, at Glenn Beck's (!) website, The Blaze, evidence that James O'Keefe misleadingly edited - again - a video. In this case the sting of the NPR guy. To edits are highlighted.

1) Take a completely unrelated clip of NPR guy laughingly (and apparently approvingly) saying "they said that?" and make it look as if it was uttered in response to a statement by some group that wants to spread Sharia around the world.

2) Omits NPR guy's qualifying statement that (to paraphrase) "some Republicans believe" the Tea Party is racist. Making it look as if the NPR guy holds that opinion. Which he very probably does, but that's not what the video "proves".

As Sullivan puts it:
Despite the fact that O'Keefe is a known liar, and that his past video stings have been edited in misleading ways, much of the mainstream media ran with his latest. Will those outlets now inform their viewers and readers about the deceptions ... ?
What's more amazing is the video and audio in at least one segment (the 2nd identified above) doesn't even match.

And of course, Breitbart, who is a major player in all this doesn't get taken to task.


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Interesting that O'Keefe released the full, unedited video, and after reviewing it, NPR still fired "NPR guy", instead of rallying around him and defending him, which of course they would have done, since according to your account, the unedited video exonorated "NPR guy".


By Anonymous jms, at 3/17/2011 7:09 PM  

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