Thursday, December 02, 2010


Jonathan Chait ruminates on the (apparent) failure of the Democrats to pass a tax bill without caving to the Republicans. Of interest is this from a commenter: (emp add)
Obama's failure to lead on this issue is going to be the final straw for a lot of liberals and independents, and for precisely the reason Chait points out. Americans want their president to be a leader. Many of us thought Obama had it in him to be a leader when he was breathing fire on the campaign trail. The Jefferson/Jackson speech he gave in Iowa, the victory speech he gave in SC, the race speech in Philly, the nomination speech--those were moments when he showed more grit and passion than anyone else in politics. That man has completely disappeared. (...) What the hell happened?
Speeches are fine, but they are not enough. You have to also work the halls of Congress. And eve if you believe in the power of speeches, where's the tax-policy speech from Obama?


... where's the tax-policy speech from Obama?

In the immortal words of Barbie ...

math is hard.

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