Thursday, November 25, 2010

David Broder is delusional:

From his Thanksgiving op-ed:
If you have any doubts about the real meaning of this month's midterm elections, let me refer you to the most notable winner in those contests. I am talking about Lisa Murkowski, the reelected senator from Alaska. (...)

... Murkowski was asked recently by reporter Judy Woodruff on the PBS "NewsHour" how she had overcome Palin's endorsement of Miller to win ...
"I think what [the voters] are looking for is the same thing that any Alaskan is looking for: Represent our state. Work together with people that have opposing viewpoints to build good policy that allows our state and our nation to go in a positive direction.

"I think that's what voters are looking for. I don't think that most are looking for somebody that is going to follow the litmus test of one party or another, and never deviate from it. I think they want us to think, and I think they want us to work cooperatively together. So, that's my pledge to all Alaskans, regardless of whether you are the most conservative Republican or the most liberal Democrat, I'm going to try to find a way that we can find common ground to help the state and to help our country."
Want to know what the election was about? That's an authoritative answer.
One race in a state of only 700,000 people won by a bring-home-the-bacon incumbent (who narrowly lost in a low-turnout primary) and boilerplate heal-the-breach rhetoric, proves to Broder that "bipartisanship" - no matter how absurd it is in today's world of strong differences - is what the entire country wants.

Some bloggy derision:

David Broder Explains It All To Us
And that is why from coast-to-coast, frozen tundra to tropical (and off-the-mainland) Islands, everyone wrote in Murkowski on their ballots, right David? Because the myth of the political center has to be supported at all costs, and when the center is the very conservative Senator from the very conservative state of Alaska, the good daughter appointed by her father to continue their grifting unabated, well, it has to mean something? So Broder, you took a single data point–an incumbent won a tough re-election campaign–and you made it into the political equivalent of the Philosopher’s Stone.


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