Wednesday, November 24, 2010

But they did:

Jonathan Chait, writing about the Rush Limbaugh - Motor Trend spat:
It's pretty interesting to watch the conservative movement add the American automotive industry to France, academia, environmentalists, and the rest of their enemies. In many parts of the Midwest, especially Michigan, the auto industry is right behind God and country. I don't see how Republicans are going to win a lot of races being attached to a party that sneers at, and diminishes the genuine accomplishments of, an industry that sits at the heart of the region's prosperity.
But they did win a lot of races. One of the surprising results of the 2010 elections was how well Republicans did in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.


I don't think that conservatives have anything against Ford. It's GM and Chrysler they're pissed about.

Oh yeah, and some Democrats too:

In several motions with the Chrysler docket earlier, the Indiana State Teachers Retirement Fund, Indiana State Police Pension Trust, and Indiana Major Movers Construction Fund, fiduciaries for "approximately 100,000 civil servants, including police officers, school teachers and their families" have objected to the 363 sale, and demand Judge Gonzalez should block the sale, claiming "the plan is illegal and tramples their rights."

The auto unions hit the jackpot, but at the expense of a bunch of other unions, who appear pissed off at having their pension funds wiped out for the pure benefit of the autoworkers. Seems like a political miscalculation, among other things.

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