Friday, October 29, 2010

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From TPM we learn: (emp add)
Andrew Breitbart To Provide "Analysis" For ABC News On Election Night

ABC News has confirmed that conservative agitprop artist Andrew Breitbart will join the ABC News team to provide "live analysis" of election returns on Tuesday night.

Breitbart runs the conservative website Big Government. And, as luck would have it his editor, Dana Loesch, will also provide analysis for ABC on November 2.
TPM also reports: (emp add)
'Operation Alaska Chaos': Right-Wingers Pushed Flood Of AK-SEN Write-In Candidates

The flood of write-in candidates in the Alaska Senate race was pushed by Big Government's Dan Riehl and the conservative group Conservatives 4 Palin in an attempt to hurt Sen. Lisa Murkowski's own write-in campaign and give Republican nominee (and tea party favorite) Joe Miller a boost.

Beginning on Riehl's Big Government blog and dubbed "Operation Alaska Chaos" by C4P, Miller supporters were encouraged to file as write-in candidates so Murkowski's name would be buried on the official list of candidates.


The only "Bright Bart" is on The Simpsons.

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