Wednesday, September 15, 2010

National Republican Senatorial Committee on Christine O'Donnell:

They issued this statement to the Weekly Standard:
“Considering the strong support that Christine O’Donnell has received from Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express, and given their fervent belief that she’s a viable candidate, we have no doubt that support will extend into the general. Given that already strong level of support, I expect national Republicans will be re-directing their resources to other states like California, Washington and Wisconsin, where Republicans have an opportunity to win. But we look forward to Senator DeMint carrying through on his promise of an O’Donnell victory this November.”
Boy, are they pissed.


The NRSC has completely reversed course. They are now fully supporting O'Donnell.

Just as the Obama campaign was a takeover of the Democratic party, the tea party movement is a takeover of the Republican party. The question here on the table is whether it is to be a friendly or hostile takeover. The NRSC appears to be wisely allowing it to be a friendly takeover. But a takeover it is.

By Anonymous jms, at 9/15/2010 8:36 PM  

jms, of course, implies that Obama's campaign was a "hostile takeover" of the Democratic party. Yeah. I remember how Obama used threats of violent retaliation (?) in order to get Democratic primary voters to nominate him for president.

Oh, and jms? This isn't a friendly takeover of the GOP. The Republicans want to stop the Teatards dead in their tracks, but can't. The inmates are taking over the asylum.

By Anonymous Death Panel Truck, at 9/16/2010 1:22 PM  

To quote Lovecraft here:
"Don't summon what you cannot put down." or Goethe: "Herr, die Not ist groß! Die ich rief, die Geister
werd' ich nun nicht los." (Oh Lord, there's big trouble. The spirits that I summoned I can't get rid of now).
The GOP leaders thought they could use the 'morans' to make life hell for the Dems. Now they get overrun by the mob they created.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/17/2010 12:38 AM  

Voters in Delaware might heed the late George Carlin in their consideration of Christine O'Donnell:

"Masturbation isn't illegal. If it were, people would take the law into their own hands."

Like a tea pot? Piping hot? I'm thinking of you, Christine.

By Blogger Shag from Brookline, at 9/17/2010 2:06 AM  

Two points.

1) What does the Democratic party hope to gain by making this election a referendum on masturbation? This really smacks of desperation. Smacks as in smacks across the room with a 2x4.

2) The party of Cynthia McKinney has no business fretting about the "wack job" potential of Christine O'Donnell. Look, If Congress can survive McKinney, "ice-box" Jefferson, and other room-temperature IQ Democrats, then Congress can certainly survive the overly prudish past of Christine O'Donnell.

In the end, if elected, she will be nothing more than a freshman Senator. She will provide a reliable conservative vote, and will be given some committee assignments. If she acts responsibly and coherently, she will be given more authority, and might be reelected. If not, she will be marginalized by the other Republicans, and will be a single-termer.

Fear not. Neither the Republic nor your inalienable right to masturbate according to your own beliefs are in any danger.

The bigger picture is that this midterm election is a national election. It's a referendum on whether or not the Obama administration needs to be stopped. Nothing liberals can come up with can possibly mean more than the (R) next to her name.

But playing the masturbation card is funny, in a preposterously desperate way. I guess that now we know what card gets played after the race card is used up and spent. Weird.

By Anonymous jms, at 9/18/2010 9:12 PM  

Apparently jms is not a hands-on political junkie. Maybe he/she may also abstain from voting while countering O'Donnell's witchcraft (et al) with references to African American elected officials that he/she apparently does not favor. But Christine has to beware the Rove-ing eye.

By Blogger Shag from Brookline, at 9/20/2010 3:10 AM  

They need to bring in some of those old-style voting machines for this election. You know, the kind where you grab the knob and give it a tug.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/25/2010 7:12 AM  

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