Thursday, September 16, 2010

Election results thoughts:
  • Christine O'Donnell is very much a Ralph Reed Christian Coalition candidate (attitudes on sex, evolution, status of women).
  • Moderate Republicanism is officially dead.
  • Initially, the Republican Senate Campaign Committee dismissed O'Donnell. But that was like dissing Limbaugh. They've changed their stripes and now support her. Who is running the Republicans now? Fox News and the money-supported Tea Party (and related groups) or McConnell/Cornyn/Boehner?
  • Will Christine O'Donnell make Sharon Angle look less crazy, and hence, more electable?
  • Watch closely the news coverage of Christine O'Donnell. It's a clear chance for the press to take a stand. By any definition, she's unqualified for the Senate. Will the press advocate for that view? My guess is that they will, but only because O'Donnell can be presented as totally nuts, much like that preacher who wanted to burn the Koran. But the rest of the Tea Party? It will probably get a pass.
  • Will those Tea Party candidates that win in the general election get co-opted by the Republican establishment or will they form some sort of radical group under the guidance of Jim DeMint? I say the latter.
  • The Tea Party candidates are, on the whole, fairly young. It's not as if - like with Reagan - they were in politics for a long time and only now are getting into power. The Tea Party presence in the Republican party will not diminish over time (as people retire or die) but will get stronger. Be afraid.
  • This Tea Party movement is not to be underestimated. It is largely the exposure of the Republican party's "inner libertariahat technology has reached the point where everyone can watch high-def television at home play realistic computer/video games, or be immersed in YouTube and IPod entertainment. At some level of material well-being, people will become apathetic to what's going on around them, or they will engage in fantasy politics (e.g. Tea Party). Perhaps we've reached that stage now.


"But the rest of the Tea Party? It will probably get a pass."

Come on---the entire Republican Party is nuts, not just the subset known as the Tea Party.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/20/2010 7:35 AM  

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