Sunday, August 01, 2010

David Stockman makes a good case:

Hard to disagree with what he says in this New York Times op-ed. He says that the new breed of Republicans (approx post 1990) have been a big factor in the current deficit mess. Also notes that the growth in the financial sector has harmful effects, and blames globalization for the hollowing out of U.S. economy. Pace Stockman, it should be noted that he's something of a hard money guy, unhappy that Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard. But tying your money supply to gold - while it may have some advantages - can severely constrain the freedom of governments to manage their budgets.

Stockman is another person in the parade of Republican apostates who, like Bruce Bartlett, have no sympathy for today's Republican policy goals..


Add David Klinghoffer, a William Buckleyite, who has an OpEd in today's (8/1/10) LATimes: "From neocons to crazy-cons" to the apostates' list.

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