Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fox Nation invents political themes:

Here's the headline at Fox Nation: Did the President Meets His Match in Chris Christie?

Here's the entire text of the story that forms the basis for that headline:
N.J. governor greets Obama briefly
By MATT NEGRIN | 07/28/10 2:14 PM

Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie planned to greet President Obama when Air Force One landed in the state on Wednesday afternoon, but he wasn’t scheduled to attend the president’s meeting with small-business owners.

“I’m not aware of any invitation to the event in Edison,” Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts told POLITICO. “We were invited to the arrival ceremony.”

“The governor’s happy to welcome the president to New Jersey,” Roberts added.

When Obama visited New Jersey in July 2009 to campaign for Gov. John Corzine, whom Christie defeated, Christie offered a mocking “warm, New Jersey welcome” to him in a YouTube video that highlighted the state’s economic troubles.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker also greeted Obama when the president arrived.
Presumably Obama "met his match" in the You Tube video, where the only substantive points made by Christie were that state taxes are high in New Jersey!


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