Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sounds like it’s time to play I Got the Top-Kill Blues by Muddy Waters:

Latest effort appears to have failed to improve the situation.


I can't believe the administration is willing to let the EPA run the clock out on building emergency sand barriers in Louisiana.

Don't they know they will be rightly blamed for the consequences? This isn't like the Appalachians where the President can ignore the ice storms and no one outside the region notices the frozen-dead poor white people. This is the entire southeast coast of the United States, and after it's destroyed, a lot more people are going to be looking for things the administration could have done. Having the Federal government use the EPA to block a state project to save the coast is going to really, um, stand out.

Who knew that someone with no executive experience would turn out to be an incompetent chief executive?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/29/2010 9:11 PM  

I'll add that Obama is in a different situation than Bush was with Katrina.

Obama may claim to be a Christian, and may appear to be a Muslim, but his real religion, like most liberals, is green environmentalism.

For him to be screwing up the oil spill response, and allowing the Gulf coast to be completely destroyed while he goes on vacation and attends fundraisers, and lets the EPA hold up actual concrete efforts to mitigate the disaster -- that is going to be an unforgivable sin in the eyes of his base. If we have a bad hurricane season, and the storm surges blanket large amounts of the coast, including New Orleans, in black, toxic, plant and animal killing crude oil, their blind worship and love is going to turn into white-hot hatred.

I think he's in big trouble, and deserves to be.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/30/2010 6:53 AM  

Concern troll is concerned. Didn't miss a trick. Even managed to work in "Obama/Muslim." Good job, concern troll. Way to be concerned.

Concern troll? I'm a member of his base, and I blame BP for the spill and its aftermath. You know, where it rightly belongs.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/30/2010 6:13 PM  

Concern troll is concerned. He didn't miss a trick, either. Even managed to work in Obama:Muslim. Good job, concern troll! Way to be concerned.

Umm, Concern troll? I am a member of Obama's base, and I place the blame for the spill and its aftermath on BP. You know, where it rightly belongs.

Gotta go now. I'm late for services at the First Church of Green Environmentalism. I hear the guest speaker for tonight is Barack Obama.

By Anonymous Death Panel Truck, at 5/30/2010 6:19 PM  

It's posts like DPTs that make this blog such a sweet little fishing hole.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/30/2010 6:56 PM  

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