Sunday, May 16, 2010

Greg Craig, establishment man:

In what was one of the most embarrassing performances by a DC insider on a Sunday show, Greg Craig - an Elena Kagan supporter - had this to say in an exchange with Glenn Greenwald: (emp add)
GREENWALD: ... let me just ask Mr. Craig, who's a defender of hers and says, well, she's one of the most qualified nominees ever, look at the great legal issues that have confronted the court, Roe v. Wade; the issue of gay rights, in terms of Bowers v. Hardwick; affirmative action; the president's authority in the war on terror; even the efforts by the administration now to reduce Miranda rights and other rights that American citizens have.

Can you point to anything that she has said or written in the past that would let Americans know what she believes about those issues, how she views past Supreme Court rulings on those questions?

CRAIG: What you're arguing for here is a judge and only judges should be on the Supreme court. And she's not a judge, so she doesn't have the 17 years of writing opinions that Sonia Sotomayor does.

GREENWALD: But lots of law professors have written numerous things about those questions. Has she?

CRAIG: She's written five or six law review articles. She taught classes...

GREENWALD: So what has she said that would enable people to know about those great issues that have confronted the country and the court, anything?

CRAIG: Yes. She's...

GREENWALD: Well, what is it? What are those things?

CRAIG: Every day, Elena Kagan has taught students, administered law professors.

GREENWALD: What has she said about those issues?

CRAIG: Well, she'll answer questions about that when she's...

GREENWALD: But you're defending her. Can you tell Americans what she thinks about those things?

CRAIG: She's -- she is largely a progressive in the mold of Obama himself, President Obama himself.
If you watched the exchange (here on Greenwald's blog; hilarity at the 2:45 mark) it was clear that Craig didn't try hard to do much of anything. It was as if he, Craig, was from the slightly-to-the-left establishment and hey, just go along with whatever we say.


wow, that was bad.

is kagan really an obama appointee? or is she goldman sachs' appointee?

By Anonymous omen, at 5/17/2010 12:57 PM  

Beware of the Glenzilla. Can not see him being invited back to a show like this with his bad habits of staying on point and aggressive follow-up questions. The man has no beltway manners.

By Anonymous Mart, at 5/17/2010 2:35 PM  

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