Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why tax the rich when you can target a minority?

In the news: (emp add)
Adding a $1 per pack tax to cigarettes could raise more than $9 billion a year for states, health advocates said on Wednesday, and a poll released with the study shows Americans would support such a tax.

The poll, conducted by International Communications Research, found 60 percent of voters would support the tax to help struggling states and would prefer it over other tax increases or budget cuts. (...)

The survey, with a margin of error of three points, found that 72 percent of voters opposed increases in [general] state sales [taxes] and 80 percent rejected higher gasoline taxes.
Cigarette smokers have been taxed enough. Why not an alternate group? For starters, people with tint on their vehicles that's so dark you can't see in (or through).


medical weed lobby is begging to be taxed.

By Anonymous omen, at 2/10/2010 5:06 PM  

i also like the soda tax upon news that studies link it to pancreatic cancer.

as far as i've heard, bush tax cuts for the wealthy scheduled to be expired are still on track.

By Anonymous omen, at 2/10/2010 5:27 PM  

"For starters, people with tint on their vehicles that's so dark you can't see in (or through)."

Actually, that would be a very good idea. Tinting is a public safety hazard.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/11/2010 2:43 AM  

Once cigarette smokers start to feel that they have been taxed enough already, perhaps they will find a political movement that shares their views.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/11/2010 6:32 AM  

Anonymous@6:32AM brings the LULZ!!!

By Anonymous e. nonee moose, at 2/11/2010 9:25 AM  

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