Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rod Dreher's bad news:

Conservative blogger and devout Christian Rod Dreher is writing about a searing experience that will challenge him this year.

Start here.

He's frank on a number of topics that you might not expect from him.


At some point you have to accept the fact that when people die God just really doesn't give a shit one way or the other.

By Anonymous e. nonee moose, at 2/19/2010 7:32 AM  

At some point you have to accept the fact that God does not exist. No pie in the sky, no Magical Cloud Cuckoo Land where the believers will live happily ever after for eternity.

You're on your own, brother. Deal with it.

By Anonymous Screamin' Demon, at 2/19/2010 12:44 PM  

religious people sure are nutty.

That's what happens when you center your life around fiction.

That's pretty declasse to say I know, but my tolerance for stupidity and self-deceit checked out some time during the previous administration when all the moral people cheered on a very immoral act.

By Blogger Heywood Mogroot, at 2/21/2010 8:09 PM  

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