Tuesday, February 02, 2010

One third of self-identified Republicans are insane:

DATA. Note that these are "self-identified" and a large proportion come from the south. It does not represent all registered Republicans, but it accurately describes "the right". And they are the activists and reliable voters.



One third of self identified Republicans have hemorrhoids. The rest are perfect ********.

By Blogger Shag from Brookline, at 2/04/2010 4:24 AM  

Those individuals who would self-identify as Republicans under good GOP leadership are currently self-identifying as independents or conservatives. This doesn't mean they won't vote Republican in November if they can get Tea Party candidates to defeat the bad incumbents in the primaries.

I think it's going to be astonishing how many incumbents, Dem and Rep alike, are tossed aside in the primaries.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/04/2010 8:07 PM  

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