Friday, February 26, 2010

Hobo logic:

Over at the American Prospect, Mori Dinauer writes:
Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV) says he believes "there should be a federal safety net" yet also asks rhetorically whether extending unemployment insurance is the equivalent of the government "creating hobos." In attempting to reconcile these two sentiments, I have to ask: at which point do our unemployed on government assistance officially become hobos? After one year? Two?
Let's consult the final arbiter on these issues, Wikipedia:
Unlike tramps, who worked only when they were forced to, and bums, who didn't work at all, hobos were workers who wandered.
To clarify:
  • HOBO - worker who wanders
  • TRAMP - works only when forced to
  • BUM - not working at all
Clearly, Representative Heller has it wrong. All those on unemployment insurance are BUMS. He should issue a statement to that effect, directed at the 15 million bums currently residing in the United States.

Also, he should submit legislation preventing the unemployed from owning a bindle since that's only supposed to be used by hobos. Bums should not be allowed the luxury of possessing a bindle.


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