Monday, January 11, 2010

Something I've never understood:

Sullivan, with a longish post on the McCain campaign writes:
... when Lieberman was nixed at the last minute by state party chairmen and their allies, we had the specter of Rick Davis actually scrambling through Google to find a woman - any woman - who could complement McCain. The sexism was due to Davis' and Schmidt's and McCain's bizarre notion that alienated Clinton primary voters would flock to a cranky old pro-lifer as long as someone with estrogen was his Number Two. The sheer distance from reality this implies and the identity politics it represents found its natural apotheosis in Palin ...
Palin had very little governing experience and was basically unknown, which is always a risk. But why Palin?

Why not Kay Baley Hitchinson?

You've got someone in Hutchinson who has been in politics since 1972.
  • 4 years Texas House of Representatives
  • 3 years Texas State Treasurer (not a full terms since she ran and won the Senate open seat, below)
  • 15 years Senator from Texas
Fifteen years as a Senator! This is someone who knows what the Federal Reserve does (which Palin apparently didn't). And she holds positions that fit well within the conservative Republican framework. As far as I can tell, Hutchinson was never on McCain's vice-presidential-pick radar. I wonder why?


Duh, Hutchison is pro-choice. Which was why Lieberman was nixed.

By Anonymous Donald, at 1/11/2010 8:52 AM  

There were a LOT of better-qualified women than Palin. We blogged it when McCain made this embarrassing choice.

By Blogger Brady Bonk, at 1/11/2010 11:49 AM  

Do you seriously think that McCain-Hutchinson would have brought more votes to the GOP than McCain-Palin?

McCain was the GOP equivalent of Walter Mondale taking on Ronald Reagan. Hutchinson would have been his Ferraro. Libs may hate her, but Palin became a genuine rock star candidate to rival Obama.

Thanks for the advice, guys, but don't you have enough problems in your own party to worry about?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/11/2010 7:21 PM  

you know why.

(wink, wink)

By Anonymous omen, at 1/11/2010 7:55 PM  

She is a lot younger, looks better and reads a nasty speech off the teleprompter with a wink and a smile.

By Anonymous Mark, at 1/11/2010 11:29 PM  

Donald: Hutchinson is pro-life.

By Blogger Quiddity, at 1/12/2010 1:03 AM  

Well, she is one of those that "personally" is pro-life, but supports abortion being legal and thinks Roe V Wade was decided correctly:

By Anonymous Donald, at 1/12/2010 8:13 AM  

My theory is that Palin is shorter than McCain, while Hutchinson is taller than McCain !

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/13/2010 1:50 PM  

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