Thursday, December 10, 2009

Google's Chrome browser (

Okay as a backup, but why all the fuss? It is another example of presenting less information to the user:
  • No full Page Title unless you hover the mouse over the tab.
  • No status bar. If you hover over a link, it is displayed in a kind of thin pop-up at the bottom, but if you then right click it disappears (before you decide to release - or not - for a new tab or new window.
  • Favorites/bookmarks are pulled down from the right side of the window, instead of the left (as is the way in FF and MSIE). Why the change?
For some reason rendering a page - even one already viewed - is much slower than Firefox. Click on a tab and it's whitespace for seconds(yet the window/tab is "active" in that you can pull down bookmarks or tools menus). And connecting to sites seems to be different; lots more timeouts. This is on an XP machine.

The task/process relationship is obscure (e.g. 6 tasks and 9 processes).

Not many options (like warn on close multiple tabs).

After using it for many hours, one tends to prefer Firefox, even if FF crashes every so often. Firefox feels lighter, even though it uses much more memory - to the point where swapping takes place.


You should try SeaMonkey, it's a cousin of Firefox that loads faster, and it works with XP.

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