Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chile's Murdoch:

In the news:
Chile: Billionaire beat leftists, now faces runoff

Right-wing billionaire Sebastian Pinera beat three leftists in Sunday's presidential election but failed to obtain a majority, setting up a runoff against a veteran of the coalition that has ruled Chile for two decades of democracy. (...)

A runoff win by Pinera, 60, would install a right-wing government in Chile for the first time since Gen. Augusto Pinochet's 1973-1990 dictatorship. But in a region now dominated by leftists, Pinera can't find the votes without persuading leftists to take a chance on him. (...)

Pinera ranked No. 701 with $1 billion on the Forbes magazine world's richest list. He built his fortune bringing credit cards to Chile, and his investments include Chile's main airline, most popular football team and a leading TV channel.
Sports and media is what Murdoch uses to get an audience, and then that power is used to influence politics.

Billionaire media figures with political heft: Berlusconi, Pinera, Murdoch. This is a significant trend.


The good news so far is that the left split. They should coalesce and defeat this media magnate. Should.

But of course, like in Honduras, the constitutional structure is carefully designed to ensure the power brokers stay in power...Sigh.

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