Sunday, November 01, 2009

I do not see how this guy can be a senior lecturer in economics at Harvard University:

Jeffrey A. Miron on health care policy (via MY). Sorry, this is a lazy post so I won't go into details. But the guy posits all sorts of scenarios that are unrealistic. E.g.
  • If individuals pay more for health care then they will consume it in an efficient manner. In other words, individuals are able to properly diagnose their condition by themselves.
  • It's mostly the patient's fault for getting sick.
  • In a totally unregulated situation, nobody would be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, they would simply be able to pay an appropriate higher premium.
It's full bore Libertarianism (which is great if you are rich and healthy). But that's an ideology which ignores economic reality or how health care is needed and accessed. What's he doing at Harvard?


He has the same disease so many economists do---Free Market worship.

While there's an old, honorable understanding among a few non-idiot economists that health care markets are quite different from other markets, and hence likely candidates for market failure, their probably outnumbered by the idiots.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/02/2009 1:27 PM  

What's he doing at Harvard?

Trying to become the next Larry Summers, Martin Feldstein, Alan Dershowitz, or Harvey Mansfield.

By Blogger gmoke, at 11/02/2009 9:38 PM  

i hate that "moral hazard" assertion conservatives make. this supposes that going to the doctor is like a trip to disneyland. is there anybody you know who looks forward to seeing the doctor?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/04/2009 3:11 AM  

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