Saturday, November 07, 2009

ABC's This Week has hit rock bottom:

The latest change in the format is to ditch the "Roundtable" and replace it with a "Powerhouse Roundtable" which takes up more of the hour at the expense of interviews with government and policy figures.

And who will be sitting at the Powerhouse Roundtable this Sunday?
  • George Will
  • Cokie Roberts
  • Sam Donaldson
  • Donna Brazile
  • Frank Luntz
Do you expect anything thoughtful or informative from this group?

Oh yeah, the Powerhouse Roundtable is preceded by interviews with Republican Chairman Michael Steele and Democratic Chairman Tim Kaine. Gee, what do you think they are going to say? Will Steele tout the Republican wins in New Jersey and Virginia? Will Kaine talk about the Dem win in NY-23? Tune in to find out.


Hey, give them a break. There's one panelist on the SuperDuper roundtable that probably wouldn't have been a guest in 1992: Donna Brazile.

Why don't they just cut the panel and run straight Lipitor commercials instead?

By Blogger riffle, at 11/07/2009 11:04 AM  

donna lashed out that the bush tax cuts left us $5 trillion in debt - after somebody tried to claim this bill will cost us too much.

followed by a quick cut to commercial.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/09/2009 12:26 AM  

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