Friday, October 09, 2009

This kind of makes sense:

Over at TAPPED:
One of the sad/ridiculous/poignant things about this is that the Peace Prize is something Obama could have aspired to in the later years of his presidency, or even afterward. Now, here he is at 48 years old, being awarded this incredibly prestigious prize for goals he has yet to accomplish.


"something Obama could have aspired to in the later years of his presidency"

You don't "aspire" to win the Nobel Peace Prize. For as much as Obama has changed America's standing in the world, I think he's deserving. He didn't seek the award; it singled out him.

It's an acknowledgment by the world community that the U.S. is reclaiming its leadership position and moral authority. The "goals he has yet to accomplish" will be easier to attain now that he's earned the world's respect. There's nothing sad, ridiculous or poignant about it at all. It's an encouraging development, and from what I've read so far, the only ones opposed to it are Hamas, the Taliban, and the Republican Party.

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