Thursday, October 08, 2009

The impeach Obama movement:

From the brainiacs at World Net Daily:
... "high crimes and misdemeanors" does not refer to a criminal act. Our Founding Fathers fully intended to allow for the removal of the president for actions which include: gross incompetence, negligence and distasteful behavior.   (...)

Impeachment is no more or less than the recall of an elected official who isn't up to the job.
Those remarks (above) are false.

Impeachment, for political reasons, is a repudiation of democracy. But that's what the teabaggers and their allies are all about. They didn't like the results of the 2008 election and they refuse to acknowledge it.

First it was calling for a coup. Now impeachment. You'd think World Net Daily would be a pariah among Republicans, but they're not.


Actually, it was Newsmax that called for a coup, but who can tell them apart from World Nut Daily? They're both asylums for paranoid lunatics.

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