Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fox Nation promotes ...

Operation: Can You Hear Us Now? by linking and quoting from their front page:
Tea Parties Marching on Media Outlets Oct. 17!

Obviously, the "main stream" media are hard of hearing and seeing. About 2 million mad-as-hell taxpayers assembling in Washington, D.C. for the largest-ever (most well-behaved ever, most respectful ever) protest did not make it onto their radar screens (or our TV screens). They need our help.
You've gotta love the "about 2 million" part.

That posting prompted this snarky comment (to get past the Fox Nation moderators:
This is a TEACHABLE MOMENT... NOW, please, in planning your events don't forget the TEA. That has always been your problem. You get everybody all excited, but then don't serve any tea, so we all get disappointed and go home. SO, learn from past mistakes and make sure there is plenty of yummy tea to be had by all. It also wouldn't hurt to have some tasty Kool-Aid available as well....maybe a couple of different flavors for variety. Kool-Aid is also a beloved drink, so you'll probably get a few people you otherwise might not. Oh, and maybe some nice pastries would be good too. Eclairs or creme horns, bismarks or even some good old fashioned donuts would be cool. So, c'mon people, let's do it Right ... this time....PLENTY OF TEA AND PASTRIES!
Can't argue with that.


Two million? No way. I even question whether it qualified as a minyan.

By Blogger Shag from Brookline, at 10/02/2009 3:45 AM  

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