Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yes it is:

Over at the FOX Nation thread on Obama's speech to the schoolchildren, there are the usual right-wing comments:
There are several statements in Obama’s speech that are laced with his usual socialist rhetoric. The one that everyone should notice is where he wants kids to do well in Social Studies so they can grow up and make this nation fair. Fair? What planet is he living on? There is one resounding fact of living on this planet Mr. Obama. LIFE IS NOT FAIR!

Teabag Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer!
Teabag Laura Bush!
They are traitiors!

Obama mentioned the children could be a member of OUR MILITARY. Did OUR MILITARY mean HIS MILITARY, or a MEMBER OF THE UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES? If he meant HIS MILITARY, parents must continue to be aware of this president.

Obama wants the kids to stay in school so they can become communist czars.
And then there was this:
I've never been to a right wing talk board before. This is a very strange place to be.


"Obama wants the kids to stay in school so they can become communist czars."

As opposed to the Imperialist ones. What these idiots know about world history I could fit in a thimble.

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