Saturday, September 12, 2009

World's oldest person dies in Los Angeles at 115:
LOS ANGELES – Although she liked her bacon crispy and her chicken fried, she never drank, smoked or fooled around, Gertrude Baines once said, describing a life that lasted an astonishing 115 years and earned her the title of oldest person on the planet.

It was a title Baines quietly relinquished Friday when she died in her sleep at Western Convalescent Hospital, her home since she gave up living alone at age 107 after breaking a hip.

With Baines' death, David Broder of Virginia becomes the world's oldest person, said Dr. L. Stephen Coles of the Gerontology Research Group, which tracks claims of extreme old age.


David Broder of the Washington post is now the world oldest person? Has someone told John McCain? I hear he is older than dirt.
Hey you kids, get off my lawn!

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