Friday, September 04, 2009

Poor David Frum:

From a report about WorldNetDaily:
According to, WorldNetDaily had more than 1.9 million visitors in July, the month when the “birther” story peaked. That was the slowest month for the site in more than a year. In June, a more average month, it drew in more than 3.9 million visitors. For comparison, that month Free Republic had around 3.2 million visitors, The Washington Times had roughly 2.9 million, had 2.5 million, had 2.4 million, National Review had roughly 2.2 million, Human Events had 1.4 million, had 1.1 million, had around 532,000, and The American Spectator had around 358,000. Among conservative news sites, only Fox News, with roughly 50 million monthly visitors, and Newsmax, with around 6.2 million in June, regularly beats out WND. It’s tougher sledding for Websites that attempt to carve out a more refined audience of conservatives: in June, David Frum’s New Majority had only 42,000 visitors. (According to Google Analytics, it fared quite a bit better at 72,000 unique visitors.) WND, unlike New Majority, has a permanent link at the Drudge Report; according to, Drudge accounts for 13 percent of WND’s traffic.
Frum is trying to cut back the crazy in the Republican ranks.


Frum is trying to cut back the crazy in the Republican ranks.

Yeah, well, as Teh Kidz like to say, good luck with that.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/04/2009 8:01 PM  

Anon beat me to it.

By Anonymous Screamin' Demon, at 9/05/2009 4:09 PM  

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