Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Irving Kristol was an ignoramus:

He wrote this: (emp add)
There is no doubt that most of our textbooks are still written as participants in the ''warfare'' between science and religion that is our heritage from the 19th century. And there is also little doubt that it is this pseudo-scientific dogmatism [i.e. evolution] that has provoked the current religious reaction...

Though this theory [the neo-Darwinian synthesis] is usually taught as an established scientific truth, it is nothing of the sort. It has too many lacunae. Theological evidence does not provide us with the spectrum of intermediate species we would expect. Moreover, laboratory experiments reveal how close to impossible it is for one species to evolve into another, even allowing for selective breeding and some genetic mutation. There is unquestionably evolution within species: every animal breeder is engaged in exemplifying this enterprise. But the gradual transformation of the population of one species into another is a biological hypothesis, not a biological fact.

... "evolution" is no simple established scientific orthodoxy, and to teach it as such is an exercise in dogmatism...


I just love it when proudl pig-ignorant political hacks tell biologists how to do their jobs.

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