Friday, August 07, 2009

Sullivan on what's going on:

From his post, Violence Over Healthcare: (excerpts, emp add):
... the vicious anger from the far right, which is to say what is currently the right, seems totally out of proportion to these reforms. Where does that come from? It comes from the same place as the tea-party protests. It's partisan ... But it is also surely cultural - an expression of the rage some in white America feel at the new social make-up of their country.

You believe a fake America has taken over. You cannot understand this. So you start believing that we have a fascist/communist dictatorship, that there was some fraud allowing a non-citizen to become president, that the government is about to "take over" all healthcare provision ... and on and on.

To me, this is a triumph of ideology. And conservatism is now an abstract anti-government ideology, fueled by cultural, racial and sexual resentment. This is a recipe for more violence ...


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