Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Something David Broder left out:

Today, Broder wrote about Robert Novak. The penultimate paragraph reads:
Bob's conservatism was real. He grew up with an anti-FDR father in Joliet, Ill. As his doorstop of a memoir makes clear, he and Evans often argued over the tone of their column. Evans had a liking for liberal Republicans like Nelson Rockefeller. Novak preferred the more rigid right-wingers, like Indiana Sen. Bill Jenner.
Broder doesn't write anything further about Jenner because y'all know who he is, right? Jenner was so right-wing bizarre that Ike complained about being on the same (campaign) stage with him in 1952. And then there's this (Wikipedia):
In Congress, he was a follower of Joseph McCarthy. He charged, "this country today is in the hands of a secret inner coterie which is directed by agents of the Soviet Union. We must cut this cancerous conspiracy out of our government at once. Our only choice is to impeach President Truman and find out who is the secret invisible government which has so cleverly led our country down the road to destruction." Jenner alleged that the United Nations had infiltrated the American educational system in 1952.
Jenner was Palin before Palin.


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