Friday, August 07, 2009

Krauthammers health care proposal:
  • Kill all the lawyers. (Eliminate malpractice lawsuits.)

  • Eliminate any pooling of risk (e.g. through employers) and have everybody purchase health insurance on an individual basis.
That second item would hasten the end of insurance-provided health care since the sorting out of high and low risk people would result in unaffordable coverage - or none - for the former, followed by bankruptcy if you didn't get to age 65 (when Medicare kicks in). without serious incident.


Lawyer Norman Goldman, hosting for Ed Schultz radio show, said malpractice accounts for 2% of medical costs. So yea, makes sense to make malpractice lawyers the enemy. Don't blame insurance companies that used to be happy making 5 cents on a dollar, that now have shareholders demanding they make over 20 cents on a dollar.

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