Friday, August 14, 2009

Hooray for the media!

Here's how it comes off to me. The media is saying:
  • The "death panels" aren't exactly what people think they'll be.

  • Under Obama's health care proposals, granny will not be dragged off in the middle of the night to face a death panel.

  • Death panels unlikely to be implemented nationwide as soon as next year.

  • Ezekiel Emanuel not slated to head death panel.

  • "Death panel" talk has seniors worried.

  • Death panels won't be funded by cost savings through mandatory abortions.


Everyone ridiculed Palin but she spoke up and the "Death panels" are gone.

Palin is hated and feared because she has power.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/14/2009 6:09 PM  

8/14/2009 6:09 PM

anonymous, you missed keith's show on friday which tore up that claim into pieces of meeces.

did you know there were republicans who previously have voted for living wills in medicare? grassley was one of them. newt, just a few months ago, was recommending them to be part of healthcare reform. the ridicule they're going to get hit with because of their hypocrisy is going to be priceless. remember how yawl were so vocal about terry schiavo? that later turned into a backlash. this issue will turn around to bite the right in the ass too. you're going to hear democrats making a mockery of "death panels," arguing the insanity & certifiable paranoia from the right over this issue makes them unfit to govern. you wait and see.

but i'm with you all the way! the wassilla wackjob for president! 2012-2013 1/2!



By Anonymous whycantupplgetaname?, at 8/15/2009 3:13 AM  

democrats making a mockery of "death panels,"

during the 2010 midterms - i meant to include

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/15/2009 3:15 AM  

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