Monday, August 10, 2009

Here's how you do propaganda:
  • Republicans call the estate tax a "death tax".
  • O'Reilly calls Dr. Tiller an operator of a "death mill".
  • Sarah Palin makes up stuff about "Obama's death panel" (which you must "stand in front of" - making it even more ominous).
The comment by Palin was almost certainly co-written. On her Facebook page, the term "death panel" was in quotes, which allows for some deniability; the "standing in front of" element (noted above) is a melodramatic touch that's not Palin's style; other elements of her statement have an Investors Business Daily-like construction.


This is explained by the work of George Lakoff. Here is a quote from wikipedia describing his work, "he is most famous for his ideas about the centrality of metaphor to human thinking, political behavior and society." Once a debate has been framed in phrases as you printed, it is almost impossible for the other side to win.

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