Tuesday, August 04, 2009


This is interesting:
... Rep. Doggett (D-TX) is now being confronted by “angry, sign-carrying mobs” back home in his district which are being orchestrated by well-heeled lobbyists. Doggett released a statement yesterday explaining that he won’t be deterred by the mob:

This mob, sent by the local Republican and Libertarian parties, did not come just to be heard, but to deny others the right to be heard. And this appears to be part of a coordinated, nationwide effort. (...) I am more committed than ever to win approval of legislation to offer more individual choice to access affordable health care. An effective public plan is essential to achieve that goal.


i heard him today specify the mob was coordinated by corporate lobbyist effort.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/04/2009 4:34 PM  


Does this mean you approve of lobbyist denying people the opportunity to have a "civil" townhall meeting with their elected representitive? Their tactics/instructions are spelled out in a disclosed memo "Rocking the Townhall Meetings" They're not there to take part in a discussion of the issues, they are there to shut down the meetings.

These are the losers from the Nivemebr elections. The same people who were at the Palin rllies. The teabaggers. The birthers.

By Anonymous Rockie the Dog, at 8/04/2009 10:46 PM  

no, silly, doggy. though my apologies for not being clearer.

i'm saying yay because doggett is debunking the fake appearance that all this upset is authentic organic grassroots effort from "honest citizens" when in actuality it's astroturf.

the sooner the public gets hip to the fact that it's insurance lobbyist greed that is stirring up riots in opposition to the healthcare effort, the better our reformers look.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/05/2009 12:45 AM  

Sorry for misundersanding.
Thanks for clarifying.

By Anonymous Rockie the Dog, at 8/05/2009 9:07 AM  

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