Saturday, July 11, 2009

Recommended reading:

Over at the Moderate Voice, It’s A Party, Not a Lifestyle. Excerpts:
I believe something has been happening in the GOP over time, that has transformed it from a regular political party to more of a counterculural movement. (...)

These days, it seem that conservatives tend to just do the opposite of what liberals do. It’s no longer enough to just offer conservative solutions to problems, one must denounce the problem itself as a liberal plot to turn the United States into a socialist republic. While Democrats are interested in health care reform and pushing for a public option, the Republicans either balk or go as far as saying there isn’t really a problem with health care. The same goes for issues like global warming. (...)

The problem that Republicans face in the near future is between those who see the GOP as a political party, and those who see it as a lifestyle. My guess is that the lifestyle conservatives will be in charge for sometime. How long, I don’t know. But a lifestyle party isn’t going to be a winning party, able to compete with the Democrats.
There are remarks about Palin, too.


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