Thursday, June 04, 2009

Obama scores with conservatives!

With the Cairo speech.

NRO's Rich Lowry:
I have to go back and read it carefully, so I reserve the right to extend and revise my remarks. But on the whole I thought it was pretty good ...
Commentary's Max Boot:
Having just read Obama’s Cairo speech, my reaction is: Not bad.
Power Line's Paul Mirengoff:
I've read the version of President Obama's Cairo speech released by the White House. I don't have time for a detailed commentary right now, nor have I done more than a first read. But it seems to me, on first read at least, that it's a rather good speech.
Of course, "real Republicans" like Limbaugh, everybody at Fox, and the Weekly Standard don't like the speech. Obama will have to try a little harder to get those folks to agree with him.


Lowry and Mirengoff are waiting for Limbaugh, Gingrich and Cheney to tell them what to think of the speech before they can "revise and extend their remarks."

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