Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Matt Yglesias fail:

Yglesias wrote about John McCain recently:
[McCain's] twitterview today with Jake Tapper is full of examples as he talks about Iran not so much as an actual country full of actual people doing actual things in a difficult situation, but instead as a kind of phantasmagoric canvass onto which we should paint a tableau of American hubris and militarism.

But nothing sums it up better than this Tweet:
@jaketapper no prediction, but if we are steadfast eventually the Iranian people will prevail. But this regime has tight control.
That’s right. Whether or not the Iranian people prevail depends on how steadfast we are. How steadfast we are in what? In wishing them well?
Matt asks "How steadfast we are in what?"

The answer is clear: We must be steadfast in demonstrating our resolve.


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