Sunday, June 07, 2009

Is that where he is now?

The Virginian-Pilot (via TP) reports: (emp add)
Two leading voices of the Republican Party's evangelical wing visited Rock Church on Friday for a forum aimed at recapturing some of the movement's political momentum.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee urged Christians to get involved in politics to preserve the presence of religion in American life.

"I think this is one of the most critical moments in American history," Gingrich said. "We are living in a period where we are surrounded by paganism."

They and other speakers warned about the continuing availability of abortion, the spread of gay rights, and attempts to remove religion from American public life and school history books.
Newt is now a leading voice of the Republican Party's evangelical wing?

When did that happen?


Does this mean that the evangelical wing of the Republican Party accepts Newt's wandering marital eye?

Again, just why did he resign as Speaker - was it because he spoke with "forked" tongue? Now he just speaks in tongues.

By Blogger Shag from Brookline, at 6/07/2009 7:17 AM  

The weird thing is that he just converted to Catholicism. Some of the real militant evangelicals see the Catholic Church as pagan.

By Anonymous Rockie the Dog, at 6/07/2009 8:40 AM  

And, of course, being a "Christian" he can be forgiven for all his lying, divisiveness, and dumping his first (or second?) wife when she was in the hospital with cancer.

By Blogger Laurie Mann, at 6/07/2009 7:42 PM  

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